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Roger Chambers- Missing from: Raeford, NC- Missing Since: 09/04/10

Hoke County investigators look into two cold cases

HOKE COUNTY, N.C. — Two missing persons cases in Hoke County are getting a fresh look from investigators.

Both Troy Jacobs and Roger Chambers’ case puzzles detectives because there are few clues to work from. However, family members and law enforcement hold out hope that someone knows details that will help investigators.

“My daughter said ‘Whoever did this or has my daddy, [give] my daddy a chance to see me turn 16, to see me get my license, maybe my daddy won’t see me graduate from high school’,” said Cynthia Chambers, wife.

Cynthia Chambers and her family wonder everyday where their husband, father and best friend is. The last time anyone saw him was on Sept. 4, 2010. Witnesses put Chambers at a gas station in Red Springs along Highway 211.

“We can actually put him in a certain place at a certain time in Robeson County. Witnesses that saw him and talked to him. Here we are now, just like he totally vanished,” said Sheriff Hubert Peterkin, of Hoke County.

Chambers never told his wife who he was meeting, or what what that appointment was about the night he went missing.

“Around 9:48 p.m. I had a bad feeling and I began to call him, and it went straight to voice mail and I woke up at 2 a.m. and he still wasn’t home,” said Cynthia Chambers.

Hoke County investigators are looking at another similar case, although they do not believe they are connected. This cold case is 15-years-old.

Hoke County investigators look into two cold cases

Roger Chamber’s  was a family man, his wife said he loved his kids more than anything. He also mentored neighborhood kids.

His case even baffles Hoke County Sheriff Hubert Peterkin. Partly because Chamber’s 1993 Toyota Camry with license plate YZF-4849 has never been found. Investigators are now asking for help from the public.

“We are encouraging the community if they find out anything or if they hear anything, we’re going to follow it, we’re not going to take it for granted,” said Sheriff Peterkin.

Jacobs, who is Native American was last seen in 1996 near Red Springs. There are reports that Jacobs may have owed someone some money, He even told his dad that he was fearful for his life.

It is unclear who Jacobs may have met that February night he went missing. All searches for him have been unsuccessful.

“We feel like any hint of information could be what we’re looking for to give us some closure on this,” said Perterkin.

Anyone with information about this case or others, please call the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office at 910-624-5562 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons tip line at 910-232-1687.


One response to “Hoke County investigators look into two cold cases

  1. Natarsha Kearns (1st cousin of Roger Jermaine Chambers) July 26, 2012 at 7:19 pm

    Correction to post:
    The green, 1993 Toyota Camry belongs to Roger Chambers, not Troy Jacobs.

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